Rail and Transport Society

Support Our Society

To carry on the growth of the Railway and Transport Society at Imperial College, we need to look towards the industry for support in our activities. Our members are looking for ways to interact with and even join the rail industry! We need your support to keep this interaction going.

Your support would enable us to expand our current portfolio with new and vibrant activities. For example, we ambition to partner with the Railway Children Charity, and we want to help shape the debate around High Speed 2 (HS2). We also hope to interest more students into volunteering for our tracklaying weekends, and your support will help us make it more affordable and therefore more motivating to students!

You can support us by choosing to support a specific event, by becoming an Industry Partner, or by choosing one of our Sponsorship Packages!


Our society provides different sponsorship packages, listed below. Each package provides different types of access to our student audience, mailing list and products.

  • Silver Package: £250
  • Gold Package: £500
  • Platinum Package: £1000

Download the latest issue (2019-20) of our sponsorship package information. 

Sponsorship Package »

For more details, please contact us at icrs@imperial.ac.uk.

Industry Partners

As part of our link between Imperial students and the Industry, we work closely with industry partners, and are actively looking to expand. As a partner you can choose to support either the club in general or a specific activity which we run. For more information, please contact us at icrs@imperial.ac.uk