ICSF Steampunk

The Imperial Steampunk Society

Founded in late 2013, the steampunk society once catered to Imperial's large community of tea drinking, top hat wearing goggle aficionados; otherwise known as steampunks. We organised trips, socials and other events; and aim to provide a meeting point for anyone with an interest in the subculture. It is now discontinued. If you found your way here, it's a dead link! Blame the techpriest (techpriest@icsf.org.uk).

Contacting Steampunk

You cannot contact Steampunk. Do not attempt to under any circumstances.

Schedule of Events

Steampunk Resources

Apart from the society itself, the internet has a few good resources for those interested in the subculture. Chief among these is Brass Goggles, a large and friendly forum frequented by several Society members. For those looking to join other IRL groups, there is a British Steampunk Community Facebook group, and the Victorian Steampunk Society (organisers of The Asylum, the UK's biggest Steampunk event) maintain a website. Finally, the Society maintains good relations with Southampton University's Krakensoc, and regularly runs joint events with them.