ICSF Publications


Latest Fanzine: ‘Harmony’ (Feb 2018)

The ICSF Fanzines are (usually) annual magazines produced by members of the society (fanzine=magazine produced by fans). They have contained anything from fiction, artwork, and poems, to reviews and essays of sf/fantasy-related topics.

As far as we can tell, the first fanzines of the Science Fiction society at Imperial were called NME, and were probably between 1979-1984. There was a gap of 4 years between WHJC and The Waking Edge, followed by several years of regular fanzines with 'Edge'-related titles. From 1994 onwards, the fanzines have been named after a scientific term, chosen by the Editor until 2003.

In 2004, the Fanzine either stopped being published, or simply never made it to the website, until 2009, where the practice of uploading the (print-quality) master PDFs began.


Submissions for the fanzine are always welcome, and should be sent to the editor at editor@icsf.org.uk

Past Fanzines

Year Fanzine Editor(s)
1981-1982 NME 3 Elise Pechersky
1984-ish? Section 10, the alternative S.F. Soc magazine Guy Riddihough
October 1985 WHJC Dave Clements
1989/90 The Waking Edge Amanda Baker
1990/91 The Edge Paul Davison
October 1991 Edge of Tomorrow Alex McLintock
1992 The Edge of Tomorrow II Richard Yagodich
1993 Xenomorph jk
June 1994 Arcs Luke Gietzen and jk
June 1995 Parsec Stian "naSti" Ingebrethsen
June 1996 Metathesis Gidon 'Sandals' Moont
June 1997 Paradigm Michael 'karne' Wright
June 1998 Synergy Liz 'ShadowCat' Hodson
1999 The 1999 fanzine never happened, but the stories went into Wyrmtongue 4 Alex 'Bushbaby' Taylor
Feb 2000 Axiom Lloyd 'Hack' Kilford and
Lorna Robinson
2001 The 2001 fanzine never happened, but the stories went into Wyrmtongue 6 Michael 'karne' Wright
2002 Perihelion Alex Crosse
2003 The Dream Twister Alex Crosse
2004 Pragmaclast James P. Barrett
Dec 2009 Danger: Dreams at Work Akbaralli Kapasi
Aug 2014 Resurrection Sanchit Sharma
Feb 2015 Duality Sanchit Sharma
Oct 2015 Wyrmtongue - October 2015 Amelia Owens
Feb 2016 Origins Amelia Owens
Oct 2016 Wyrmtongue - October 2016 Amelia Owens
Feb 2017 Futurism Dobbin Thomas
Feb 2017 Wyrmtongue - February 2017 Dobbin Thomas
Oct 2017 Wyrmtongue - October 2017 Katherine Read
Feb 2018 Harmony Katherine Read
Feb 2018 Wyrmtongue - February 2018 Katherine Read
Oct 2018 Wyrmtongue - October 2018 Jean Lo