ICSF Committee

The committee form the core of the society, and are as close to in charge of the society as anyone can be; they have meetings, approve budgets, and generally try and make sure things happen. Liberating Daleks, cuddling plushie great old ones, and wearing scary t-shirts are all optional, but fun, pastimes of committee.

The Committee

Chair Entity: Matthew Last (icsflib@gmail.com)

The buck stops here. Responsible for overseeing everything that's happening, and doing it themselves if all else fails, which it usually does. The Chair also has to attend RCC meetings, be aware of what the Treasurer and the Librarian are doing and delegate lots.

Chair of Vice: Dan Hoole (icsf.chairofvice@gmail.com)

Keeping the populace from rebelling against the committee by the regular organisation of bar nights is the primary purpose of the Chair of Vice, a long with any other events - such as the annual trip to Hay-on-Wye, and cinema outings as things come out.

Secretary: Sequoia Trevorrow (icsf.secretary@gmail.com)

Responsible for taking, writing up, and occasionally editing minutes of meetings. Also for bothering the email list and maintaining the key list. Sound easy? T'ain't. For reasons unknown, they generally end up the only committee member who knows what's happening and spend their time trying to keep the rest of the committee on task.

Treasurer: Michael Figini (icsftreasurers@gmail.com)

Deals with the cash, turns up to meetings and hopefully makes calming noises along lines of "we have lots of money, don't worry". An indispensable post, which sounds a lot easier than it is.

Librarian: Sintija Raudonyte (icsf.librarian@gmail.com)

The librarian is responsible for the library and its bounteous contents. Duties include keeping the database up to date, organising book buys, chasing bad people with overdue items!

Picocon Sofa: Harry Black (icsf.picoconsofa@gmail.com)

Picocon is our annual one-day convention, which tends to be stupendous fun for everyone attending, and horribly stressful for the organisers. The Sofa chairs the Picocon sub-committee, and must manage all aspects of Picocon, whilst being directly responsible for all external contacts. They also get a Union tankard for their trouble.

Picocon Beanbag: Ibraheem Wazir

The vice-chair of the Picocon committee, the Picocon Beanbag is responsible for the arrangement for Picocon that are internal to the college. This generally involves beating off other societies that want the rooms we use with a metaphorical stick, whilst waiting to be elevated to Picocon Sofa for next year.

Editor: Chia-Chun (Jean) Lo (icsfwyrmtongue@gmail.com)

Produces and distributes the society's "bi-monthly" newsletter Wyrmtongue and the annual Fanzine. Lives in continual hope of finding a keen fresher to hive Wyrmtongue off to.

Publicity Officer: Matt Legg (icsfpublicityofficer@gmail.com)

Designs, prints and puts up the posters, as well as talking to societies/entities outside of Imperial. Also responsible for social media output (Twitter; Instagram) acquiring as much blu-tac as possible. Gets grumbled at if no-one turns up to events.

Tech Priest: Timothy Davison (icsf.techpriest@gmail.com)

The tech-priest is responsible for the upkeep of all hardware and software in use by the society. This includes this website, the library computers & database, and the library's audio/visual stack.

Committee Duties

The committee doesn't just get to do what they want (quite). There are a number of documents that define what both the committee and the members are expected to do, what they're allowed to do, and what they can do to each other when they start failing.

For the most parts, these can be ignored by anyone with a bureaucracy level of higher than 34.