“Hellooooo to all the wonderful and amazing people that have reached our page!!!!
As Pres of Hsoc you would have expected me to be fanatical with the society as soon as I stepped onto Queens lawn at, what only can be described as, a rather tumultuous Freshers fair. Or rather been a strict Hindu all my life and know everything there is to do about it.
But this is far from the truth.
When I first started uni, I was under with the misconception that all they did was sing bhajans and talk about religion – if you didn’t know much then there was no point of you being there. However this is the EXACT OPPOSITE. We don’t care if you’re religious or not; don’t know about the festivals or are a festival junkie; even if you’re not Hindu that is completely okay and in fact pretty awesome.
We have so many things that cater for all: sports, culture, festivals, religious teachings, food socials!!!!! The list is endless- I don’t think me talking about all this does it justice but hopefully the pictures from the events will speak for themselves.

I’ve met some of the most wonderful people here and it’s no joke when they say you end up becoming a family.
That’s all from me for now but message me anytime if you have any questions/just want to chat.
Welcome to your home away from home :))” 

Ria Patel – Hindu Society President


We run huge events from our annual Diwali Ball to Holi, we’ve got it all!

Holi 2020

Ujaali 2019


For one of the best Hindu Society experiences join our freshers’ dance Ujaali!


If dancing ain’t your thing join one of our 4 sports teams – kho, netball, football and badminton!

Nationals 2020

Mandir Trip

Sanskaar and Sewa

Our sanskaar and sewa activities will keep you close to Hindu roots!