Welcome to Imperial College AhlulBayt Islamic Society. In here you can know more about us and the sorts of activities that we do. You can also see our past and upcoming events in our Blog.

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Absoc Family

Imperial’s AhlulBayt Islamic Society is more than just
our average university society. We consider ourselves to be more like a family. Many friendships have blossomed through this society and have become tighter as the years go by. Moreover, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet ABSocers from other universities as we often go to each other’s events.

Photo: Absoc Family members including current members, alumni, and alumni family members at Imperial ABSoc Alumni Dinner, December 2018.

Freshers Fair

Freshers Fair is the single best opportunity for students to get to know more than 380 student clubs and societies at Imperial College. At our stall, we provide materials to educate people on what Islam and AhlulBayt are. On the day, we exchange questions and answers with the people of other faiths who want to know more about Islam and AhlulBayt. We also subscribe the interested individuals to our weekly newsletters.

Photo: 18/19 committee members at the Freshers Fair stall.

Discussion Circles

Discussion Circles are at the heart of AhlulBayt Societies. We are not afraid of challenging our own beliefs, and we are thirsty for knowledge. We enjoy having intellectual discussions in order to learn, contribute and grow. Traditionally, most AhlulBayt Societies have Discussion Circles on Thursdays, and there are inter-ABSoc Discussion Circles in London on the last Thursday of the month.

Photo: Inter-ABSoc DKDC at Imperial College with the topic ‘Have we inherited our religion’, November 2018

Ashura Awareness Week

During the Ashura Awareness Week, we aim to promote the principles that one of our greatest role models, Hussain Ibn Ali (a.s), stood for. He stood against tyranny at a time when the Islamic nation was deviating from Islam due to the oppressive and unjust ruler of the time.

Photo: Ashura Awareness Week stall 2017

Hungry for Justice

During our Hungry for Justice campaign, we try to collect non-perishable food for the needy in London. We set up stalls across campaigns for the food collection and also try to raise funds through charity events such as movie nights, football tournaments and bucket collections. The money is then spent on non-perishable foods and distributed to the poor in West London (through Sufrah).

Photo: ABSoc committee members collecting non-perishable food for food banks as part of the Hungry for Justice campaign – Gloucester Road Waitrose, January 2019.

Quran My Beloved

Quran My Beloved is our flagship event. It was organised for the first time in 2008 and has been going on ever since. Organised every year in March, it is a wonderful evening of heavenly recitation of the Quran. Additionally there are guest speakers, art exhibition, calligraphy, awards ceremony and an exceptional opportunity for networking.

Photo: The Art Exhibition at the Quran My Beloved 2018.