The Imperial College Underwater Club was founded in 1957 and today has around 80 members year to year including both students and staff, Imperial and Medical. We are a BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) branch and can therefore teach the BSAC’s internationally recognised diving qualifications. As a club we are very active with members organising many trips throughout the year, almost every weekend in the summer! The majority of these trips take place in the UK, although trips abroad are organised most years.

The club has a good selection of kit that can be rented by members at VERY low cost. Our kit is located in the ICUC Cellar in the north-west corner of the Beit Quad. All the essential items can be rented off the club: we own a good number of tanks, BCDs, regs, lead, reels and DSMBs. We also own a compressor and so can fill our own tanks.

The club is also open to divers from other organisations and all levels of experience. If you have any previous diving experience and wish to continue diving then get in contact and come diving!

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