Get Involved

Clem on her way to the Isle of Wight

Clem on her way to the Isle of Wight

There are plenty of reasons to get involved with RSM Motor Club and Clem! Find out in this section all the reasons why.

  • Learn some new skills – Working on an old vehicle can teach you a whole range of skills from basic electronics to how to fix an engine! Find out more about what Clem can teach you outside of your degree.
  • Make new friends and enjoy a trip out – We go on plenty of trips out, whether it is just to the pub or all the way to the Isle of Wight. What better a way to meet new people than on a leisurely drive in the sun? Find out more about our social activities or see our events calendar.
  • Experience something old and unique – Imperial is one of only two universities to own a vintage vehicle (the other is Southampton). You can be part of an exciting part of Imperial’s history – and who knows – perhaps your escapades with Clem will be remembered by students in 50 years time! Activities involving the vintage vehicles often make their way into Imperial College news as well, and sometimes we are in the front page picture on the Imperial website.

How to get involved

If you would like to just visit Clem, or if you want to get involved, there are plenty of ways how!

Join RSM Motor Club

The best way to find out what we are up to is to Join the Club! We will add you to our mailing list to keep you up to date with the latest happenings within RSM Motor Club. It’s completely free! Joining also helps show your support for the Club and Clem.

Join the Club (FREE)

We’ll tell you all about what trips we are going on, and all the latest Clem news. You can also follow it all here on our website.

There are other ways you can get in touch with us too:

You are also welcome to pop to the garage – see our home page for details on when we are around. You are also more than welcome to come by and help us with any of the jobs we have going on if you’d like!