Garage Directions

Our garage is located underneath the ACE Extension (ACEX) building. It is most easily visible from the Sherfield Walkway, looking out towards ACEX when you are standing near the Fusion 54 outlet.

You can see our garage in a courtyard at the bottom, keep an eye out for our white sign on the black wall.

Step by Step

Start in the Sherfield Level 1 lift area.

  1. Take the right hand door out of Sherfield, towards Blackett and the Union
  2. Turn right out of the door, going down the road
  3. Take the second left hand turning (the first one is the accessible entrance to ACEX)

Our garage is the first one you will see in the overhang area. The second one, behind ours, belongs to RCS Motor Club, but we occasionally hang out with them so do pop by and say hello there to.

You’ll know you are in the right place if you see the sign announcing our presence.

If you cannot find us, just drop us a call and we’ll be happy to help.


Garage Directions

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