About the Club

Clem at Night

The RSM Motor Club looks after a wonderful old lady called Clementine II. She may be seen pootling around on pub crawls, driving off across the park or you may see her at the Fresher’s Fair. She is unmistakably beautiful. Clem is the Royal School of Mines Union motorised mascot. She is a 1926 Morris T-type truck and was bought by the RSMU in 1960 as a replacement for their previous mascot, Clementine I – a five ton Aveling Porter steam traction engine, which had, for fairly obvious reasons become impractical.

Clem is maintained by students, for the use of everyone at Imperial College, and so can often be found at events for the RSM and clubs and societies. The RSM Motor Club has been around from 1960, and has been maintaining Clem from the very start, keeping her functioning and available for use by the RSM, and providing much enjoyment and activities for students throughout Imperial.

RSM Motor Club is a student club, and requires the work of students to keep Clem going, and so is always on the lookout for interested members of Imperial College to help keep Clem on the road; but anyone is welcome to join and enjoy what Clem has to offer for the Imperial community.

How we are run

As a student club, we operate in a democratic and honest manner. Elections to run the club are held every year, and everyone can inspect our finances and constitution online.

If you would like to inspect previous minutes of our meetings and AGMs, please drop us an email.