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Summer Tour, Pyrenees – July 2015
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Members of the Imperial Outdoor club embarked on an expedition trekking along the French Pyrenees. They followed the GR10 trail, picking it up near Lourdes and trekking to the end in Banyuls sur mer (with a train at some point … Read More

Easter Tour, Turkey – April 2015
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Easter Tour means one thing: sport climbing in somewhere hot. This year the destination was Olympos in Turkey. For several of the members it was the first time climbing outside but they were taken care of and soon learnt the … Read More

Safety for Rock Climbing
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WARNING: ROCK CLIMBING IS FUN! (but hazardous) Climbing is a dangerous sport. There are a number of hazards that can make a climb perilous; many of these are concerned with you falling off things or things falling on you. A … Read More

Gear Shops
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Right, you know what you want, but where are you going to buy it? Here’s a list of the various shops and their pros and cons and a map showing a load more which aren’t in the list. All these … Read More

Personal Equipment
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The Bare Necessities: Of course in theory you could wander round Snowdonia naked, but your inevitable death from hypothermia means that there is kit we reccommend you bring. A waterproof jacket. Warm clothing. Synthetic fleece is best, woollen jumpers a … Read More

Club Equipment
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Here is a list of some of the equipment that the club has for it’s members to borrow for trips etc. Rock Climbing Climbing Shoes Climbing Harnesses Climbing Helmets 2x Racks, (inc: set of nuts, 12 quickdraws, Hexes and cams … Read More