Enter the London Team Rapidplay

The tournament is being FIDE (The international chess federation) rapidplay rated. As such ENG participants would have to be ECF members to take part. If you are not already, please contact 01424 775 222 to join, or visit the English Chess Federation website.

Please submit your entry for the 2nd London Team Rapidplay (28/April/2012) below. After submission a tournament administrator will contact you to verify your entry.

The entry fee is £50 for entries received on or before the 13th of April 2012. Entry fees received after this date incur a £10 late entry surcharge (total entry fee of £60).

Full teams (4 players) are required to enter (a team may have more than 4 in case of reserves, but no fewer). Cheques should be made out to Imperial College Union and have the team name clearly written on the back along with the team captain’s name and contact (phone and e-mail). These can then be sent to:

London Team Rapidplay
Suite 1, 405 Kings Road
London SW10 0BB

Important Notes

  • Only full teams will be accepted. Teams may have more than four people (reserves etc.) but no fewer than four.
  • Entries are only considered received when entry fee is received. This is because there are a limited number of teams we can open this event to, and therefore need to act on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • All players must be members of the ECF (because the event is FIDE rated), with the exception of players who are registered to chess federations that are not ENG.

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