Download ICCC 2011 PGNs

Please find a link below to download the games from the Open and Major of the Imperial College Chess Congress (Nov 2011).

Click here to download Open and Major PGN files (in .ZIP format)

Click here to download Minor PGN files (in .ZIP format)
* Please note that games for the Minor were only recorded where scoresheets were handed in – this was not mandatory in the Minor section as the section was not FIDE rated.

We also plan on releasing games from the Minor (Not normally done for most tournaments) in PGN format, hurray! However, due to lots of chess events going on at present (namely the London Chess Classic etc.) we won’t have those up until closer to the end of the year. Please bear with us!

You may also download individual round PGNs of the Open and Major from the results / table pages themselves.

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