Mestel Challenge 2012

On 01 March, the 2012 Mestel simultaneous display took place. An annual event, this has now become a staple fixture for Imperial Chess Club members: held as usual in Huxley Room 344, near the Sherfield walkway. After the customary transfer of equipment from the East Basement to Huxley, the boards / sets were arranged and the simul began in earnest.

GM Mestel drew the white pieces on many of the boards: a fact that did not bode well for the field of 16 players arrayed against him. The double Grandmaster seemed to play more aggressively than in previous years, frequently employing the Dragon variation of the Sicilian Defence – a particularly sharp line.

Some highly tactical games ensued, many of which were brought to a swift conclusion. After arriving late, Casper da Costa-Luis managed a creditable draw. This feat was matched by Vice-President Luke Barron and the prodigious talent that is Adam Averbukh. Special praise must be awarded to Jamie Hookham, who navigated through a complicated French Defence position to emerge victorious after a delicate endgame.

All in all it was a highly successful evening, with an excellent club spirit evident throughout. Our thanks go to all participants, and of course GM Mestel himself. We look forward to the next instalment.

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