Mestel Challenge 2011

The first Grandmaster to be awarded both the GM title in both over-the-board play and problem solving, A. J. Mestel currently resides in the Mathematics department at Imperial College London. Once a year he graces us with his inspiring presence in the aptly named Mestel Challenge.

Professor Mestel played 17 simultaneous games against Imperial College chess enthusiasts on Tuesday, the 22nd of February, 2011. Drawing lots for colours on each board, Mestel was unfazed by a statistical anomaly as only three of his seventeen boards were White for him!

The field this year was quite strong, and GM Mestel eventually won twelve games, with two draws and three losses. Congratulations to Dan Timbrell, Jamie Hookham and Adam Averbukh (which is all the more remarkable due to his 8 years of age!!) who achieved victories. John Sargent and Luke Barron escaped the double-GM’s grasp with credible draws.

From left to right: John Sargent (Draw), Sam Porter, Tom Fuller, Jamie Hookham (Win), GM Jonathan Mestel (Lots and lots of wins), Jamie Funnell, Dan Timbrell (Win), Adam Averbukh (Win), Stephen Wood, Anup Sinha, Luke Barron (Draw)

More photos of the extremely successful event are below for your viewing – click on each photo for a larger version. Thank you to all of our participants and in particular GM Mestel who as always was incredibly pleasant company and contributed to a massively enjoyable evening for all.

Until next year!

Left: Adam Averbukh awaits Mestel’s next move. Right: Previous ICCC president Anup Sinha and Jamie Hookham show some contrasting chess fashion

Left: GM Mestel plays his next move against Sam Porter as Luke Barron looks on. Right: Current club president Jamie Funnell expresses his thoughts about his position

Left: Professor Mestel early on in the match. Right: Jamie Hookham awaits the next move.

Left: Mestel’s presence over the board Right: Back in President’s Corner, our resident Grandmaster plays a move against last year’s president Tom Fuller

Left: Previous president Anup Sinha demonstrates some pre-move stretching action. Right: An overview of most of the simul (i.e. where the photographer wasn’t sat!).

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