The Hollow Mountain

The Hollow Mountain I

Our exploration from the beginning up until 2006 has been painstakingly collated and edited into a surprisingly readable book. It is available in physical form (at a small cost) and digitally (for free).

Buy it from for less than a tenner (including P&P to EU). 246 A4 pages of international caving exploration!

Full Print Ready 246 A4 Pages PDF (127MB)

Separate Chapters: Introduction and Pre-Expedition
1994 A frustrating start to ICCC's Slovenian Exploration
1995 Winter Recce Blowing holes through snow indicate great potential
1995 Perserverance leads to the first breakthrough
1996 Three caves connected, major horizontal development
1997 Camping at -600m, pushing to -970m
1998 Another deep year camping in System Migovec
1999 Higher leads in the system pushed & surveyed
2000 Year of the Rain: Vrtnarija (Gardeners' World) found & pushed to -400m
2001 Year of the Sun: Hard pushing leads to Friendship Gallery at -550m
2003 A new underground Bivvi: Camp X-Ray
2004 Vast horizontal development continues at -800m
2005 More pushing in GW while plateau further explored
2006 No expedition, but a long Autumn recce
Geology Spelegenosis and Geology of the Tominski Migovec plateau, by Dr Paul Huggins
Sponsorship and Thanks
300dpi PDF of wrap-around cover (56MB)

The Hollow Mountain II + III

The next installments are (perpetually) in progress.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.