Čez Rob

Summary of exploration

This year we returned this year to the "Primadona" entrance of System Migovec. An initial plan to push as deep as possible was waylanded by finding significant, if slightly shallower, leads. To reach the old deep cave rerigging and rebolting work was done in the "TTT" branch of the cave and this is where one of the pushing fronts, "Hammerhead", was found. Leads were also pushed off and above "Karstaway", the major branch found last year, and many new ways into "Hall of the Mountain King" were found as a result. Finally, various small leads were pushed beneath the "Knot Very Good" chamber eventually resulting in a passage heading directly South into completely blank mountain. Notably a new surface cave was found and pushed off the Western side of the plateau. Gondolin, about 15m down the cliff, descends approximately 30m before becoming choked. A couple of other long standing digs were conclusively killed as well, S1 and Hare Cave.

2017 Findings and Report

In total the Migovec System is now 39.3 km. The report will be completed at some point this year.

Data and Surveys

The data is all here: [Github Repo](https://github.com/jarvist/migovecsurveydata) The drawn surveys:
Extended Elevation [SVG]
Extended Elevation English [PDF][PNG]
Extended Elevation Slovenian [PDF][PNG]
Extended Elevation Left [PDF][PNG]
Extended Elevation Right [PDF][PNG]
Plan [SVG]
Plan English [PDF][PNG]
Plan Slovenian [PDF][PNG]
Plan coloured by depth [SVG][PDF][PNG]

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