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3:26 PM Aug 22nd, 2009

Slideshow went well, lovely food put on by the PDT. Made a thousand goodbyes and fled into the night.Now cruising up the Bovec valley wi ...

12:08 PM Aug 20th, 2009

Bivi closed for another 11 months, all down for pizza&pivo in Tolmin.Amazingly productive expo, all gear recovered from caves and no inj ...

5:24 AM Aug 19th, 2009

Caves derigged! Last camp a bit of an epic photo, survey, push, via zimmer and then up into metal camp. Carries today, last bit of surve ...

8:04 AM Aug 15th, 2009

Latest camp finds HANGING GARDEN, a way through the boulder choke at the bottom of HM to find bolts on FALLS ROAD off F-SHIP gallery. Wi ...

8:13 AM Aug 12th, 2009

New pitch HAPPY MONDAY 81m takes below camp to -534m! Beautiful stream cut passage racing down. Worryingly close to Friendship gallery t ...

7:34 AM Aug 4th, 2009

JKP/DG 2 day camp,discovered underground river at ~380m below Dark Tranquility.Leads multiplying...AJ/MF on camp night train.Much surf work.

10:26 AM Jul 31st, 2009

Camp opened for business by JMF/AJ! Only 3 tacklesac each from traverse chamb. Water issues - need to rig one of the damp pitches. BEAST ...

6:19 AM Jul 30th, 2009

Silos windows pushed to base of ~30m pitch JH/MF. 5 bags UG camp stuff to traverse chamb and CK rig JKP/TS. S1 opened for business. DG a ...

3:28 PM Jul 28th, 2009

AJ/MF:NCB new rope from lvl2, and removed 20kg inapp positioned rock on trades ent. JH/AH/WF:GW took 3bags UG camp gear to pico. JMF/JKP ...

12:09 PM Jul 27th, 2009

2nd day of carry, now conc on UG camp and cave equip. JKP/MF off to piston GW to rig and check ropes, midnight call out. Weather lovely, ...

2:22 PM Jul 26th, 2009

2 carries, top food at biv. Frozen solid up top, viz absolutely stunning. Decadent lights of capitalism in italy, stunning milky way and ...

3:08 PM Jul 24th, 2009

Smooth exit from london with 6 in the van. Unfortunately ferry 2hrs late! Forecast good for sunday, deteriorating into week. Hopefully t ...

12:04 PM Jul 23rd, 2009

Van packed, more or less! 19 crates, 3 barrels on roof, countless small items squeezed under seats and along side gear. Thirsty work. St ...

2:28 PM Jul 21st, 2009

Last shop-dried Soya, P-nut butter&a little notebook for underground camp!Another stores session packing mountainousness piles of equipment

2:00 PM Jul 20th, 2009

Just calibrated 5 sets of survey instruments - agreement actually shockingly good, only 1 clino + 1 compass out by ~1 deg.

1:53 PM Jul 20th, 2009

Tet: Big Slov weeks starts 5th Aug. Set tarps up today and hauled 4 bags of snow. If weather holds will stay up till wed.

12:18 PM Jul 19th, 2009

From Tet: No snow in bivvy but some nearby. Shitpit looking good... no flies! watching classic krn sunset. Back Tolmin Tues or Wed.

9:46 AM Jul 18th, 2009

Been sorting survey data,check this pretty image:

9:45 AM Jul 18th, 2009

T-6! Bought new saucepans, Nido, lots of plastic bags. Weather in Slovenia still very wet - flooding in places.

3:05 PM Jul 3rd, 2009

T- 21 £635.20 blown at the Park Royal Makro. ~47 man weeks of food, including 25kg cheese, 20kg rice, 22kg pasta, 5L olive oil :)

3:35 PM Jun 25th, 2009

T -28 days! Vango F10s brought out of retirement and reproofed for duty. So few spare days left, so much to organise yet we'll get there!

9:31 AM May 27th, 2009

58 Days to Go(!): Off to Oxford for a caving gear Avon party, courtesy of Silent River. Converted our DEM data from the Karst Inst --> SVX.

11:34 AM May 20th, 2009

Beast Products is graciously sponsoring us with UG fleeces. Funding from GPF and ICU. Ferry Booked. Slideshow T'min lib 8pm Sat 22nd Aug.

1:05 PM Mar 4th, 2009

More photos from our Poloska trip uploaded: 10kg of lead acid batteries sitting under my desk awaiting construction...

5:14 PM Mar 2nd, 2009

Stunning weekend cave + mountaineer trip to Slov, expo plans well afoot and Mig resting with its winter hat:

5:27 PM Feb 12th, 2009

GPF application made. Minibus booked. 2009 Expedition Website is getting there:

11:46 AM Jan 17th, 2009

2009 Dates: Sat 25th July 2009 --> 23rd August (4 weeks). UG camping in Captain Kangaroo near Kill'em'all.14, water from Dangermouse.

1:28 AM Aug 21st, 2008

Bivi derigged, all down in Tolmin for pizza, fruit and pivo! Expo party this even by the Soca with JSPDT. Great Plans for 2009...

1:42 PM Aug 18th, 2008

GW derigged in full, VILINSKA jama tied in. No connection, but ~1.2km of new cave this year, with fantastic leads for 2009! Team Mig.

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