Migovec Cave Exploration

Looking up at Migovec from Ravne.

The Expedition - An Introduction

Imperial College Caving Club has run joint expeditions with the JSPDT to the Julian alps in Western Slovenia most summers since 1994. The destination is Tolminski Migovec, a large undulating limestone plateau located about 6km North of the town of Tolmin within the Triglav national park. Located midway between Tolminski Kuk and Vogel at approximately N 46 15' E 013 45' (Google Maps Satellite Data), the large area offers enormous scope for further cave development.

Expedition base camp is located at 1880m above sea level on the western edge of the plateau, with the bivi situated in a large shakehole benefiting from the shelter of a [distinctly unstable looking] rock bridge.

Reports, Surveys and Data

Every year we take hundreds of photos, survey our new findings, produce a extensive written report and full drawn surveys of the entire cave system. You'll find those all on this site. Each year has a page dedicated to it, check the menu, and the page for 2017 is here with the information on the latest expedition.

All of our cave data, updated and worked on throughout the year, is freely accessible in our Github repo..

We have also produced a book full of entertaining stories, anecdotes, maps, surveys and cartoons from the expedition from it's beginning up to 2006. This is The Hollow Mountain and is available for free as a PDF or for printing on demand via lulu.com. Work on The Hollow Mountain II (2006-2012) and The Hollow Mountain III (2012-2017) is well underway!

Latest News

Check the latest output from the 2017 expedition.

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