Small machine-gun emplacement at Dover-end of promenade. Dodgy three-plait Nylon rope tied around crumbling brick-work 5 meters up to reach it. Tunnels very well preserved, floor of flints lain. Take left fork up to worn chalk steps to window in cliff (~15m above tidal area) or wander around to the right to reconnect with the bricked-up section on the promenade itself. Used by pigeons for nesting, some big spiders.

Rocket Battery: Follow cliff path behind 60s sea shelter, shortly before arriving at Finger (war memorial) and good ex-Coastguard hot tea/cake shop. Large grill is easily viewable the otherside of small barbed wire fence protecting path from cliff edge. Can slither down between grill & near-side.

Sloping (ex steps, now all gone) leads sharply down towards T-junction. Sloping window was used to get rid of deads directly out onto sea - CARE! Follow small passage further into cliff, before reaching large corrorgated iron semi-circular passages. Lots to explore, some steps leading up to blocked up entrances, believed to be below where new houses have now been developed on clifftops.

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