##2015-04-19 - Luminate

Cheated of their high altitude Karstic dreams by the weather, the expedition hunkers down in the remains of the Luminate music festival and sets about cave exploration.

##2015-04-13 - Snow

Mount Owen is a snow go area so the team gathers in a roadside camp site to do some thinking.

##2015-04-10 - Ed's Cellar

Eds cellar is the target of the cavers attention this time. Braving the rain, terrifying rigging, and doubtful leads the team pushes on.

##2015-04-08 - Ed's Cellar

The expedition begins in earnest! New(ish) caves found, a big project started, and rain! So much rain.

##2015-04-06 - Rain Day

The first steps are taken in New Zealand. Jet lag and rain hamper progress but the team is determined to get things done.