Paul Hutton


Trips II Explorer II Social II 2 years of caving with the club.

Committee Positions

Paul Hutton has held 3 committee positions.

Year Role
2007 — 2008 Secretary
2008 — 2009 President
2009 — 2010 Secretary


Paul Hutton has attended 16 trips.

Detailed View
Report Cave Date
Yorkshire IV Heron Pot 2009-01-22
Yorkshire IV Christmas Pot 2009-01-21
Yorkshire III King Pot 2008-12-06
Yorkshire II Yordas Pot 2008-11-23
Yorkshire II Lost Johns' Cave 2008-11-22
Wales I Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2008-10-19
Wales I Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2008-10-18
Yorkshire II Lost Johns' Cave 2007-12-01
Yorkshire IV Heron Pot 2007-03-11
Yorkshire IV Rowten Pot 2007-03-10
Yorkshire III Lost Johns' Cave 2007-02-18
Yorkshire III Notts Pot 1 2007-02-17
Mendips II Swildon's Hole 2007-02-03
Wales I Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2006-11-25
Mendips I Singing River Mine 2006-10-22
Mendips I Swildon's Hole 2006-10-21

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Paul Hutton has written 0 reports.

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Top Cavers

Paul Hutton has caved with 40 cavers.

Top Caves

Paul Hutton has caved in 10 caves.