Simpsons Pot


Country: United Kingdom
Region: Yorkshire
Subregion: West Kingsdale
System: Simpsons Pot/Swinsto Hole


Simpsons is located in West Kingsdale. It is in the field directly opposite from Braida Garth farm. There is a gate that will allow you to walk directly up into this field.

If starting from the gate opposite to the farm road walk up the hillside until you reach the Turbary Road (green lane). Walk up valley, through a gate into the next field. Walk up hill until you reach a line of shakeholes spanning the length of the field. The Simpsons' shakehole is located ~10 metres downhill from these (almost the only shakehole not in that line) and approximatley 1/3 of the way across the field (down valley to up valley).

Response to weather

In dry conditions, Simpsons has very little water running through it and it is possible to descend without getting more than your hands/lower legs wet. In wet conditions many of the pitches become extremely wet and caving would be hazardous.


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