Notts Pot 1


Country: United Kingdom
Region: Yorkshire
Subregion: Leck Fell
System: Notts Pot


From the parking by Lost Johns', walk down the road (away from the farm). Notts 1 is in the field beyond the one Lost Johns' is in. It is also in the same field as Notts 2. It's possible to recognise based on the rocky outcrops quite close to road. It is the field that borders the cattle grid, and this can also be a good place to park.

Once in the field, follow the South Western collapsed dry stone wall (to the right, looking up the field). There is a wire fence strung between wooden posts in addition to the remains of the wall. Quite a long way up two of these wooden posts have a wooden beam between them. At this point, stop following the wall, turn 45 degrees to the left (to face East) and walk in a straight line. After 5 minutes of walking (avoiding some medium sized shakeholes) you should arrive at the very large Notts 1 shakehole.

It is advisable to take a GPS anyway.


Report Date
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2022-12-17
CHECC 2021 2021-11-27
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2019-12-14
Yorkshire II 2018-11-17
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2017-12-17
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2016-12-19
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