Marble Steps


Country: United Kingdom
Region: Yorkshire
Subregion: Marble Steps


Park at the water works at the end of Masongill Fell Lane. Walk up the Turbary Road until a paved path leads off over a stile to the left. Follow the path across the field. Half way along a path leads off to the right past some large shakeholes towards a copse of trees. Marble Steps is in amongst the trees.


Report Date
Scotshire Summer Tour Part I: Yorkshire 2021-08-24
Yorkshire III 2020-01-11
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2018-12-20
Yorkshire VII 2017-06-24
Yorkshire 0 2016-09-24
Yorkshire 0 2010-10-02
Yorkshire IV 2007-03-10
Yorkshire 2003-11-15
Yorkshire 2002-12-14