Jingling Pot


Country: United Kingdom
Region: Yorkshire
Subregion: West Kingsdale


Park 350m beyond the road to Braida Garth farm. Walk a further 300m up the road and enter the field on the left through a sheep pen. Stick to the left wall and walk up the hill. At the top go through a second sheep pen and turn right onto the green lane. Walk for ~300m. Jingling is a large open shaft with an overhanging tree just over the rise on the left.


Report Date
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2022-12-21
Scotshire Summer Tour Part I: Yorkshire 2021-08-27
Scotshire Summer Tour Part I: Yorkshire 2021-08-22
Yorkshire II 2019-11-30
Yorkshire I 2019-11-09
Yorkshire 0 2019-08-26
Yorkshire I 2018-11-03
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2017-12-16
Yorkshire I 2017-11-11
Yorkshire 0 2017-09-17
Yorkshire VI 2017-02-25
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2016-12-17
Yorkshire I 2016-11-12
Yorkshire IV 2016-02-07
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2016-01-01
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2015-12-30
Yorks New Year 2015-01-02
Yorkshire I 2014-11-16
Yorkshire I 2014-11-15
Yorkshire II 2014-02-09
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2013-12-17
Yorkshire I 2013-11-09
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2012-12-19
Yorkshire I 2011-11-12
Yorkshire II 2010-11-14
Yorkshire II 2010-11-13
Yorkshire 0 2010-10-02
Yorkshire I 2007-10-28
Yorkshire II 2007-01-20
Yorks III 2006-02-17
Yorks II 2005-11-26
Yorks V 2005-06-26
Yorks III 2005-04-16
Yorkshire - Fireworks 2002-11-10