An 'Interesting' Night

A night to remember (or not, depending on how much you drank). Despite strong efforts from RON to spoil the elections, common sense prevailed and new figureheads have been elected. Many campaign promises (true and false) were made, including but not limited to, "animal shaped potato waffles, not hashbrowns", "most of my job will be delegation" and "I want to give back to the club, quite literally, oh wait, not literally". Other memorable things were said, including "I now have the power to delete the website" and "everything is fine".

Congratulations to the new committee:

Jennifer Ryder
Úna Barker
Zaeem Najeeb
Tackle Master:
Jack Halliday
Social Secretary & Webmaster:
Chris Bradley
Propaganda, Health & Safety Officer:
Yan Jin Ho

And also commiserations to the winners of the following awards:

Morale Officer for Life:
David Kirkpatrick

Herman Herz: Davey Dubz for something about a boulder in Slov.
For Evans' Sake: Will French for vomit in Hurnell Moss.