Recent Trips

A glorious weekend in Yorkshire featuring trips to the infamously windy Fountains Fell and a mass assault on Easegill.


A dozen minds congregated at the YSS to be educated in the delicate art of first aid by Sean over a detailed and informative weekend. Topics included recovery position, CPR, mouth-to-mouth, anaphylaxis, diabetes, tourniquets, bandages and more. We were also practically exposed to how difficult it is move anyone unconcious without causing severe head injuries. A tiny bit of late-night caving also occured on the Saturday.


A large collection of groups convened at the Wessex for some moderate-weather Swildoning, pot and slinging, and late night SRT training chaos.


Showers hindered us from visiting Pen-y-ghent despite staying at the Bradford, so we defaulted to none other than... Leck Fell of course. Such excellent caves.


Kingsdale classics featured heavily over the cold dry weekend, though a hidden gem was discovered in the shadow of Pen-y-ghent.

A winter with fewer Covid restrictions saw us on another tour in the Dales ticking off some of our favourite trips, including exchanges in Lost Johns', going to the bottom of King Pot, pulling through down Simpson Pot, and luring people into Big Meanie's tight tight entrance.


A wet weekend in Yorkshire featuring a mass assault on Easegill, as well as some damp trips to Mayday and Notts II.


The twin storms of CHECC and Arwen collided in an uninsulated barn in the Dales, so a small group sought the warmth of Notts 1 while the others endured the cold above ground at CHECC training workshops.


A dry yet cold weekend accommodated our first SRT trip of the year featuring Derbyshire classics, as well as the club's return to the deepest local pothole after many years.


Some lucky guinea pigs got to experience bonfire night in the Mendips. Some caving happened too.