RAG Annual General Meeting 2019

Event Timeline

Date: March 22, 2019
Time: 18:00 to 20:00
Timezone: GMT
Place: EEE 508

RAG is the charity fundraising society of Imperial College Union and is here to fundraise mountains of cash for charities using some of the most creative and innovative ideas around. So prepare yourself for an excessively exciting year wreaking havoc, raiding London, hitchhiking across the world, selling off College staff, pieing the Rector, skydiving, bungee jumping, and dancing like drugged up chickens – all in name of those in need! RAG truly has unparalleled access to host events that are somewhat unthinkable to other societies, and you can help make those events happen.

Want to get involved with RAG next year? Why not nominate yourself for a position on the committee!

Benefits include:

  • Learning new skills (ranging from a large variety of interpersonal skills to event management)
  • Experience of organising large & risky (aka exciting!) events e.g. Jailbreak
  • Meeting new people and becoming part of the UK-wide RAG Community
  • Having the best time while doing something great for society and Imperial students


Positions on offer:

  • Chair

An amazing role where you get to influence the way in which RAG runs for the year and have your own impact. Manages and coordinates RAG as a whole. Responsible for everything from finances to health & safety on all activities of RAG, making sure things are all running smoothly. Manages partnerships with College, the Union and external charities/companies. This is a demanding role which should not be treated lightly and if you do get it, this should be your priority for the year.

  • Treasurer

Responsible to the Chair for the efficient administration of the finances of the committee, including submitting an annual budget, submitting purchase orders and managing the overall finances of the society. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to handle collections and depositing donations. A key role of the treasurer is to work with the sponsorship officer to secure funding and sponsorship for RAG and RAG specific events as soon as possible (ideally starting in April and working on it through summer).

  • Secretary

Responsible for the efficient administration of the committee by booking rooms and venues, recording and preparing minutes for meetings and the executive committee. Also responsible for the coordination and communication to RAG volunteers and general committee members, and will draw up volunteer rotas and schedules where needed. A key role in both making sure that RAG is able to run effectively and reach volunteers as much as possible.

  • Vice Chair (Activities)

Work mostly with the events officer to oversee the planning and coordination of RAG Week and other flagship RAG events. Looking for creative thinking individuals who also have a good idea of the feasibility of events and knowledge of College and Union systems. Planning of large scale events should be started very early and will need to start being planned from the summer onwards. A great role to take a lead on forming the events that RAG hosts and how they can work together.

  • Vice Chair (Operations)

Works alongside the Chair to make sure that RAG is functioning effectively in an operational sense (day-to-day running). Handles the internal relations in the committee and is expected to be present at all meetings and be proactive. Also manages relations with external stakeholders (College, the Union, charities, sponsors, etc) alongside the chair, this can be taking meetings when possible with the chair and handling contracts. An extremely important role that can really influence the way that RAG is managed.

  • Events Officer

Working to help make RAG events and ideas happen, from RAG week ideas to various events throughout the year.  Looking for creative thinking individuals who also have a good idea of the feasibility of events. A great role to take a lead on forming the events that RAG hosts and how they can work together.

  • Publicity Officer (x2)

A vital role in RAG and should not be taken lightly.  Responsible for promoting RAG as a way to volunteer, and RAG events and campaigns around College. This includes publicity both on campus and online, examples include (but are not limited to) making posters, upkeep of social media accounts etc. Looking for people that want to innovate the way that RAG reaches the students of Imperial and stay in tune with what RAG are doing and with the most effective ways to publicise. Will need to make a RAG MAG (an annual publication of RAGs events and news)

  • Halls Officer 

This role will be responsible for recruiting subcommittee members such as first-year Hall Representatives. They are responsible for making sure first-year students hear about RAG events and know how they can take part, as first-year students are a target demographic for RAG. Will need to make relationships with key hall wardens to coordinate the publicity of RAG.

  • Sponsorship Officer

Works with the treasurer to seek out and secure external sponsorship for RAG. This can be in many ways, from sponsorship to run events to free products we can use in our events. Will need to be engaged to be able to think of as many new ways to work with external companies as possible.

  • Challenges Officer

Responsible for representing ICU RAG in liaising with charities directly to secure large scale sponsored challenges, such as climbing Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest base camp, as well as the three peaks challenge and skydiving. Will need to help recruit challenge leaders for any challenges that RAG decides to run and will support them throughout the year, from individual support to liaising for collection events. A great role where you can manage a small team and take part in the challenges too!

  • Collect Officer

Responsible for organising one-off street collections with charities and liaising closely with a range of external stakeholders and organisations e.g. Westminster Council. Decides when RAG hosts bucket collections, this can include mega raids, small scale bucket collections and week-long collection campaigns throughout the UK.

  • Vice Treasurer

Responsible for assisting the Treasurer in submitting budgets and depositing money and other financial operations.

  • RAG volunteer

RAG always needs more help to grow as much as possible. A volunteer can help out in any of the roles and will get the chance to influence RAG in what it does. Such ways in which a volunteer can help out include anything, from helping plan events throughout the year to helping sell cakes one afternoon.  A great to be a part of the RAG community!


In any of the roles you choose, you will be fully supported (whether it be by the union, by RAG alumni or the network you will build around you). You will be trained and given handover notes to help you understand the role and settle into it. This is a great way to build your skills and join a great community around you.


The Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Friday 22nd March where hustings will be held and votes cast. It will be held in EEE 508 from 18:00, 22nd March.

Please submit all nominations and manifestos to activities@imperial.ac.uk by the deadline.

Manifestos may include:

  • 250 words (max)
  • Photo (jpg)

Election timeline

  • Nominations open: 09.00, Wednesday 20th March
  • Candidate manifesto deadline: 09:00, Friday 22nd March
  • AGM: 18:00, Friday 22nd March

Please note that candidates will be asked to make a 2-minute speech during the AGM for why they think they are good for the role and should be elected, followed by questions and a vote.

If you have any questions please email rag.chair@imperial.ac.uk or activities@imperial.ac.uk