By IT Officer 2010-2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Coming from a small island in South East Asia, we, the Bruneians, form a small fraction of Imperial College London’s internationally diverse community. Founded in 2006, the Imperial College Union Bruneian Society (ICUBS) represents the Bruneian society in Imperial College, and, albeit being relatively new, forms one of the most active Bruneian societies in the UK.

ICUBS aim to unify all Bruneians together and provide support to those in need. We organize all kinds of socials and sporting events for our members, from musical trips to ice skating sessions. Starting out as a fresher to finally graduating, we ensure that the welfare of our members is taken care of throughout their whole academic period. Being a multicultural society, we also aim to preserve the culture amongst ourselves through events, such as celebrating Chinese New Year and participating in Dakwah singing competitions.

Although the majority of our members are predominantly Bruneians, we extend a warm welcome to those of other nationalities who are interested in joining us. Every year we think of ways to promote our culture throughout the international community of Imperial, in particular through international cultural fairs and our annual, musical play Brunei Night (BNight), the biggest most important event of our society. Being a part of ICUBS means you can take part in BNight, an excellent opportunity to showcase your talent, be it singing, acting or playing that favorite instrument of yours.

We are very closely knitted society and we strive to maintain close relationships between our members. At the end of the day, being a member of ICUBS, be it Bruneian or non Bruneian, gives you a sense of camaraderie and closeness, as we are, ultimately, your society.

Yap Wui Chung
ICUBS 2012/2013

ICUBS (Imperial College Union Bruneian Society) was formed circa 2006 as the Bruneian Society for Imperial College. Its founding aim was and still is to increase awareness of and promote Brunei – not just so that people know where it is on the map, but so that people come to know the identity of the Bruneian people – how we think, how we see the world, and ultimately, how we see ourselves. In part, this is achieved through the annual musical play Brunei Night, which is exclusive to Imperial’s Bruneian Society, one thing we fiercely guard to this day.

Although Brunei Night, or BNight as it is more commonly known, is only for one night, preparations for the night take up the majority of the year. This is the essence of ICUBS – they say you get to know people when you travel together, and what more a fascinating journey than the process and journey that is BNight! There are always the blues the week after the show is over.

We in ICUBS are a diverse mix of people; young men and women of different colours and creeds, as is London itself. There is a lot more to ICUBS than what I have mentioned – there are the sports and socials to look forward to as well!

Ultimately ICUBS is your society, and we are here for you.

Muhammad Ayyub Kamaludin
ICUBS 2010-2011

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