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  1. Richard Barlow says:

    Dear Imperial College French Society,

    My name is Richard Barlow and i’m a 5th year medic.

    Basically, i want to start revising for a series of exams which will allow me to eventually practice medicine in Quebec, Canada. Hopefully, it will all go well but one of the additional requirements is that i have a decent grasp of the French language.

    So, i know it sounds a bit odd; but i was wondering if there maybe somebody in the society who (may also be a medic but not neccesasrily) who wouldn’t mind meeting up for an hour or two a week so that i could practice speaking french with them please as i think this would be the best way to learn most rapidly?

    Kind Reagrds


    • President says:

      Hello Richard,

      I am sure that this can be arranged, as I know that there are many french-english biligual students studying medicine at Imperial. However, are your exams in the near futrure? Because as term only starts in one month I am not sure who will be around and available. If you are able to wait until the start of term, then we can pass a message around for you.

      Kind Regards,


      • Richard Barlow says:


        Thanks for getting back to me.

        Yeah thats fine. I take those exams when i choose so no rush on that front. Fifth and 6th year medics have been back since july so we’re back into the rhythm of things.

        If you could ask around that would be great, cheers. Also, the person doesn’t necessarily have to be a medic too, although this would be helpful, more importantly just patient and ok with giving up an hour or two a week as i am more or less a complete novice (year 7 and 8 were a long time ago).

        Thank you


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