Executive Committee Help

Who Are We?

The Overseas Societies Committee is the Management Group for all the societies listed under it. We serve as a platform to raise issues or problems and as a communication channel between you and the Union.

How We Can Help?

  • Advice on finance, claims and sponsorship
  • Help with administrative matters e.g. document submissions, appeals and trainings
  • Planning of events
  • Socials

What you have to do?

  • Complete the online training on eActivities
  • Submit term reports 
  • Prepare event budgets
  • Achieve membership targets

You should have completed the online training before before the start of the first term. You can find the training manuals and the quizzes here.

If you are the Chair or Treasurer, you need to sign and complete the Financial Responsibility Form and return it to SAC, after you have read and completed the quizzes.

Management Group Meetings

These meetings are held monthly, and require a representative from your club to attend. It is highly recommended that your Chair or Treasurer comes, as issues raised are mostly pertinent to them, however, other members of the committee can also come. These meetings give you a chance to discuss and vote on matters that affects the management group as a whole. You will also find out about upcoming deadlines (budgeting, tour grant, etc.) and policy changes.

Quick Links

Want to help or join the Executive Committee in the future?

The Imperial College Overseas Societies Committee holds an Annual General Meeting every year in March to elect a new Committee. If you are interested in joining the team next year, let the Committee know and help us out to familiarise yourself with our work and ambitions!