Football World Cup 2011/2012

The long awaited Imperial OSC Football Cup took place this Saturday at West Way Sports Centre. 16 of the international societies came together to battle for the famous OSC Cup, that only one team could win at the end. There was a lot of skill, there was a lot of passion and there was a tonne of determination. The day was definitely a success as every player left with a smile on their face even if they lost.

Even though each game was only 5 minutes, there were plenty of goals that pleased the eyes of the observer. Not only were they all different, but each goal had its own story, either bring the society to the next stage or simply encouraging them to do better.

Certainly a friendly event with the aim to increase cultural awareness, the day was not without its accidents. We had players slipping others falling but thankfully no body was injured.

The highlight of the day was the semi-final. Only penalties could separate the Spanish and Thai team who both eagerly fought for the title. However, the Spanish team kept their cool, held their nerves together and were able to reach the finals were Spain 1 played against Spain 2. Either way, we can conclude that the Spanish society deservingly obtained the title.