International Night 2014 – Beyond Barriers

About International Night

International night, coined I-Night has been ongoing for more than a decade and is the OSC’s flagship event. A colourful variety show, originally a haven for international students to express their various traditions on stage has grown into a major event in Imperial’s calendar and is the largest of its kind in the College. The event showcases the best of the 47 country societies at Imperial and takes place in the Great Hall of Imperial College London, proving to be a successful channel for the cultural vibrancy within the College time and time again. Some favourites are the amazing Belly dancers, Japanese society’s ‘anime-style’ pantomime and Cypriot’s society’s cultural dance and comedic sketches. Unsurprisingly, the laughter and harmonious atmosphere produced by I-night has invited participating groups beyond the overseas societies including Juggling, and Wushu.

What’s more, I-Night is a competition between all participating societies and expectedly spurs a friendly air of competition encouraging everyone to give their all. As a result the energy given off by international night attracts over 500 students each year to attend the event. There are a panel of judges who vote for the Night’s winners, and last year we had Fleur Estelle, a renowned international dancer as a guest Judges for the Night.

The event is around 2 hours, including a 10 minute intermission and is open to the public so people are encouraged to bring friends to enjoy the experience with. Our targeted audience are however, members of the College.


This year, our theme is Beyond Barriers, and we hope to make this year’s I-Night the best student production of its kind to make a positive impact on the student community at Imperial College.


The performances each year are beautiful, culminating with one society being awarded a monetary prize for Best Performance as the International Night Award.