About Us

What is Medsin?

Medsin is an independent student organization that raises awareness of and takes action on humanitarian and global health issues at a local, national and international level. Formed in 1997, it is a network of motivated students, like you, active in curriculum issues, community projects, international exchanges, campaigns and conferences.

Medsin’s Vision:

“A fair and just world, in which equity in health is a reality for all”

Medsin’s Mission:

“To create a network of students, empowered to effect tangible social and political change in health on a local, national and global level through education, advocacy and community action.”

Just for Medical Students?

Medsin once stood for Medical Students International Network, but the name is somewhat outdated; for many years, the global health community has relied upon engineers, political scientists, geographers, mathematicians, anthropologists, biochemists, computer scientists, economists and many, many more professions to improve health outcomes.

We’re hoping the society can grow to reflect this interdisciplinary approach, and are already teaming up with different societies to make this a reality. This is not just for medics, we need everyone to join!

How is Medsin Structured?

As a Medsin Member you are part of an international network of 1.2 million students worldwide! It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, below is a breakdown of Medsin structure.

Medsin Members

Medsin members are individuals who participate in any of the activities run locally or nationally by Medsin branches or projects. Medsin’s members are students
with an interest in health; predominantly, but not exclusively medical students. This is us.

Medsin Activities

This is what we all get up to at Imperial. Our sign language course. Our slave auction and pub crawl in the name of Students Stop AIDS Campaign. Our teaching parents CPR skills. Our reaching out to elderly and socially isolated people in the community. Our international projects combining the skills and enthusiasm of our students with needs of orphanages abroad. Our awareness raising efforts to encourage marrow donors.

All our diverse and different activities, all motivated by our single shared goal – making the world a better place, make us Medsin Imperial.

Medsin Branches

Together, with all our different activities, campaigns and projects, we make up the Imperial branch of Medsin – Medsin Imperial. Branch chairs are responsible for
supporting all activities and maintaining our vital link to Medsin National and ultimately the world! All the different branches across the UK together make up the Medsin Network.

Medsin National

Medsin-National or Medsin-UK is the student-run UK representative of IFMSA. National committee support the entire Medsin Network and provide us with
all the necessary resources for success! Medsin national holds biannual Global health conferences where 300 or so like minded students learn about
global health issues from world-renowned speakers.


The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) – is an organisation which works to facilitate cooperation and dialogue between
medical students from over 90 different countries around the world. IFMSA hold three international conferences each year, where hundreds of
students from around the world meet to network, share ideas and have fun!


The IFMSA is recognised as an official partner of the World Health Organization (WHO) and as ‘THE’ international medical student forum.


The United Nations recognise IFMSA as an independent NGO.