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Imperial College London Medical Education Society

“MedED encourages and facilitates peer to peer teaching and sharing of resources between students”

The Imperial Medical Education society believes that everyone benefits most when knowledge is equally shared throughout the medical school

Our Team

Meet our 2018-19 Committee!

Yvonne Tsitsiou


Year: 5

I am passionate about medical education, teaching and interventional radiology. Admittedly a travelholic and a fitness fan.

Sally Barker


Year: 5

My medical interests include neurology and palliative care, Otherwise, you’ll usually find me reading, eating or swimming. I’m so excited to serve ICSM as MedED Co-chair this year!

Aditi Reddy


Year: 5

Gabrielle Mathews


Year: 4

I have a special interest in Paediatrics and Emergency medicine. I also have a passion for UK Health policy and outside of medicine enjoy playing hockey, volunteering and cooking.

Siddharth Basetti


Year: 4 With regards to medical specialities, I have a special interest in paediatrics, haematology as well as medical education. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, music and painting.

Maria Constantinescu

Year 6 Co-ordinator

Year: 5

I have a special interest in neuroscience and paeds. I love teaching and  medical education. My hobbies include fencing, video editing, playing board games and acting

Daniel Huddart

Year 6 Co-ordinator

Year: 6

Michelle Kunc

Year 5 Co-ordinator

Year: 5 My medical interests include Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics. Outside of medicine, I enjoy reading and teaching.

Malka Reuben

Year 4 Co-ordinator

Year: 5 Within medicine, I have an interest in medical education and cardiology. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Michael Jiang

Year 3 Co-ordinator

Year: 4

Hi everyone! I’m in 4th year doing biomedical engineering and am interested in surgery and oncology. Outside of studying, I love to play tennis or the piano whenever I can!

Amer Al-Balah

Year 3 Co-ordinator

Year: 4

Felyx Wong

Early Years Coordinator

Year: 3 Hi! My name is Felyx, I am a 3rd year medic and I will be your early years co-ordinator for 2019-2020. I have a wide range of medical interests including cardiothoracic surgery, obstetrics and medical education.


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