Below is an outline of what we’ve got planned for you all tomorrow!! We’d love to see lots and lots of you coming and giving hockey a try! Doesn’t matter if you’re an Olympic pro or a complete beginner :)



Tomorrow (7th October) is our…

**Taster Day** 

It’s a really fun afternoon where you guys can meet the club, try out the sport and generally get to know everyone! This will be followed by a FREE BUFFET LUNCH in Hammersmith and then the infamous Drs and Nurses Pub Crawl in the evening! Its going to be so fun… I can’t wait!

We’ll be meeting all our lovely new members at 12pm tomorrow at the following locations:

-Foyer of SAF building, South Kensington (freshers we’ll meet you straight after your lectures!)

-Outside Tesco in Hammersmith Broadway

Reynolds in Hammersmith

Acton Halls

Just look out for our red kit and stripy socks!

Or alternatively meet us at the pitch for 12.45pm:

Indian Gymkhana,

Thornebury Avenue,


PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET US! (we don’t want to leave anyone behind!) NB we have limited spaces from Acton so if you’d like a lift from Woodward hall please let me know asap.

What should you bring?

  • Sports Kit – bring hockey things if you have them but anything sporty is fine and we have plenty of sticks for you to borrow.
  • Shower things – no need to go home as its a busy afternoon and there will be an opportunity to shower before the pub crawl!
  • DRS AND NURSES OUTFITS – bring scrubs/nurses outfit for the evening. We have several spare scrubs if you don’t have any so don’t worry…you can borrow :)
  • Lots and lots of fun – it’s a great afternoon/evening so bring enthusiasm to give us a go!
If you have ANY questions about tomorrow, freshers fortnight or the hockey club in general, don’t hesitate to contact Fiona on 07532311321 or email
All of the details for tomorrow can be found on the facebook event:

And don’t forget to join our freshers group for all the info over the next couple of weeks! The link is :)

#freshers2015 #giveitago #BestClubAtImperial

Lots of hockey love,


P.S. don’t forget to let Fiona know where you’re meeting tomorrow!

P.S again, see you TONIGHT at mums and dads!!


A Hockey Girl’s Guide to Freshers

Here’s a completely unbiased post about Freshers’ fortnight and beyond, and why you should definitely join a sport’s club (called hockey). I could go on and tell you how very amazing, fun, talented, wonderful etc hockey club is but I thought I’d give you a bit of insight into why I joined and what being a Hockey Fresher means.
So why did I join? Not just because I befriended the future club-captain, honest. I joined because I knew doing a sport would get me more involved in the med school so it was a choice for me, between netball and hockey. I joined hockey because everyone was so down to earth and it didn’t matter that I had only played about one and a half times before – I knew there’d always be a place for me on a team if I wanted one. I started my hockey career at the fun day in fresher’s fortnight and I had SUCH a good time – I’ve never regretted not joining a different club despite being more experienced in other sports.
Fresher’s is without doubt one of the BEST times of life, ever. It kicks off with moving into halls, being absolutely petrified of what you’re going to end up living with but soon settling in and wondering how you ever survived 18 years under your parents’ roof. Then it’s time to get your passport out…
BOAT PARTY: The first time you see everyone you’re going to be spending the next 6 years with and they’re all dressed as pirates and you’re all drunk so you spend the next week wondering who you actually spoke to and what they look like without the eye patch/wig combo.
FRESHER’S FAIR: A million and one clubs bombard you with promises of fun and happiness and you end up on at least 10 mailing lists with another 6 taster sessions to turn up to the following day. You will however, inevitably decide that hockey is the only one for you and you will live a very peaceful life once you work out how to unsubscribe from the other 8 things (maybe keep cheese soc, you get free samples).
MUMS & DADS: You get taken even further away from what you thought was London, only to realise you are still in London, and that London is in fact, massive but yay, you’ve located Hammersmith and the confusingly named Charing Cross Hospital (y u no in Trafalgar Square?). Tonight’s the night you meet your responsible medic ‘parents’ who are meant to look after you but you soon realise that their idea of hospitality is a bottle of gin and a sick bucket. You don’t know why but you can’t help but do absolutely everything they say as you succumb to the hierarchy of medical school and love every second of it.
HOCKEY TASTER DAY: Some girls in very bright socks meet you after your first lectures and take you Westbound on a tube. When you get to the pitch you meet almost everyone in the club and are soon sorted into teams and the captain tells you you’re a cat and starts painting whiskers on your face (if you have an eyeliner allergy, tell someone). It might be the first time you’ve ever picked up a stick but it’s super fun and you can’t help but want more. You get to meet everyone else in the club and see how chilled and friendly everyone is plus there’s always free food so it’s worth coming along just for that isn’t it?
DRS & NURSES: One of the biggest events of the entire year. You put on your ‘essential’ scrubs that you thought were for actual work and head back to Hammersmith for an absolutely HUGE pub-crawl, or ‘Spoons-sit, whichever you prefer. Afterwards you go to a club which is open to some ungodly hour and you dance the night and your memory away
BIG CHILL: Or just stay in bed feeling very sorry for yourself
THE REYNOLDS SHOW: Best not talk about this, sorry
SPORTS DAY: By this point, it’s been like 4 days since you last saw us and you’re pining for us. Fear not! We have a stall at Heston and we’ll be waiting for you. By this point, you are an official Hockey Fresher and you get all of the perks that come with that, free drinks, free lodgings (when otherwise unable to make your own way home) and free flowing fun.
To think, this is just one week in our calendar. Fresher antics continue for another week but hockey fun is forever. We have such a laugh on, but mainly off the pitch with Sport’s Nights, team meals, Oxford Tour, pub quizzes, Friday night bops and booze bowling that sometimes you wish you could just be more boring (not)
The best advice I could give someone is definitely join SOMETHING, and it may as well be hockey because we’re simply the best!
enjoy your Freshers and make sure you come say hi


HI ALL! We hope you’ve all settled in well and that your first days at uni have been great. We’re so happy that the day when freshers starts has finally come and that we get to see you all so soon!! Here’s a short summary of what to expect from freshers with ICSM Ladies’ Hockey:

ICSM Ladies’ hockey freshers fortnight:

Tuesday 6th October: Fresher’s Fair, come find us at our stall upstairs in SAF, opposite the lecture theatre G16 (or if the weather is nice, we’ll be on Queen’s lawn)

Wednesday 7th October: Freshers Fun Day (afternoon filled with hockey, fancy dress and food), followed by the Drs & Nurses pub crawl!! Join the event for all the latest details:

Saturday 10th October: Your first Saturday match! Everyone is welcome. For more details, please join our mailing list our e-mail anyone of us (e.g.

Sunday 11th October: Sports Day, together with the rest of the sports clubs at ICSM. A great day filled with a lot of fun and little sport.

Wednesday 14th October: First team match & first sports night!! Cops and Robbers themed. So start planning your robbers outfit!

Saturday 17th October : Your second Saturday match! More info coming soon :)

Sunday 18th October: ICSM Ladies Hockey Fresher’s meal – a meet and greet where you’ll get to know the rest of the club and your new friends better!

 See you all very soon!!



Hockey Hippies Hit Brummy

Pre-season tour 2015 was a massive success  and was wonderful to see everyone again, including Dr Mistry!! Huge thanks to Tiz for organizing it all for us…safe to say it was a cracking weekend with some memorable moments, many from Shaz.



Congrats everyone who have now confirmed their place at Imperial, you have 6 great years in front of you! If you’re uncertain which sports club to join, we have the answer. ICSM Ladies’ hockey club caters to every ability; our 1s team is the top one at Imperial and our 3s team gives even the complete beginner the opportunity to play matches every week. Despite the ranging hockey skills amongst our players we all get along as a club really great, with socials such as our annual  Christmas and AGM dinners, and of course weekly sports nights (where we always have the best fancy dress). On Saturdays we all play together in the Middlesex league, which is a really great way of getting to know everyone in the club better but also to improve hockey skills.

So, if you feel our club might be something for you (and it is) please come see us at Fresher’s Fair and also at our FRESHER’S FUN DAY on the 7th October. Keep checking in on this website for more information, and also join our fresher’s Facebook group:

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!


Varsity 2015

Varsity 2015 was yet another hugely close couple of matches for our 1st and 2nd XI. After Sport Imperial and the coaches had made our 2nd XI super late for the game they turned up and were straight in to confidently take on Imperial. With such a close game and Medics with almost all the possession Imperial got some flukey runaway goals and took the win. The score nowhere near reflected the game that we played and we’ll be back next year to ensure we get the right result.

Then it was the 1st XI’s turn. This was probably one of the most exciting games of the day. Again the Medics had almost all the possession and took a 3-2 lead. They held this for most of the 2nd half and with 30 seconds left of the game we thought we’d won for the first time in history. But Imperial got the ball, hit it into the D and one of the players got a slight touch flicking the ball up into the goal to make it 3-3. Then the final whistle went taking it to penalties. With a goal disallowed, and a miss for us, as well as some amazing saves from Jess it came down to the last penalty which unfortunately was saved by the Imperial goalie leaving the score at 6-5 to Imperial. Such a painful way to lose a game, especially when Imperial tell you in the changing rooms you were the better team. But again, we’ll be back next year to get the right result this time.

Season Overview

It’s been another great season for ICSMLHC with some fantastic hockey from all 3 teams. The 1st XI, being an almost identical team to last year, have played some excellent hockey, looking to finish mid table in both LUSL and BUCS (still a league ahead of IC 1st XI). They also did the best they’ve ever done in Varsity this year, drawing 3-3 to IC and losing by 1 on penalties. We’re getting ever closer… Next year!
The 2nd XI have been the club’s most successful team this year, coming joint top in BUCS, missing out on promotion by a loss in a head to head match where they unfortunately couldn’t get a full team out! They also came 2nd in LUSL, behind the leaders by just 1 point. With a few newbies joining the team, and no final years leaving them, promotion is definitely on the cards next season.
The 3rd XI continue to improve year on year with a great influx of newbies to the team. Jenny has been an incredible captain keeping spirits really high, even with teams of only 8 facing strong BUCS opponents. The improvement in every regular player has been enormous with huge gains in confidence on the pitch as well. They keep holding out for the day that IC might bring a 3rd XI to face them in Varsity.
Our Saturday team has seen a great mix of players from all 3 of our teams every week, playing off the hangovers and sharing all the gossip from the night before. They’ve managed to (somehow) hold their ground and finish mid table in the Middlesex league. There’s been keen interest from girls from other ICSM clubs to join our Saturday team and we’ve had many netball girls playing for us this year. If you’d like to play next season please get in touch at and I can put you on the list!

Join us!