Trip planning

Essential information about volunteering

Once you have decided who you are volunteering with (2-6 people), you should submit the names of everyone in your group on the online form (here). We encourage you to volunteer in larger groups so you have more options of where to volunteer. Don’t forget to get your (free) ICAB membership!

The deadline for submission of groups to volunteer this summer is March 2018.

If you do not yet have a group but would like to go, we encourage you to come along to an information evening to meet other people also interested in volunteering. The dates of the information evenings are yet to be confirmed, you will be emailed about these.

Once your group has submitted an application, we will contact you again with the relevant paperwork that you will need to complete (volunteer application form, CRB check, reference). And will ask you about what dates is most suitable, we require you to volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks to make it suitable for you and the orphanages.

We will confirm your dates by March so that you can book your flights early. Final confirmation of which centre(s) you have been allocated to will be at the end of May.

There will be a training evening before you depart during which we will guide you to your trip and give you some tips and wisdom.


A trip with ICAB by no means is just volunteering. A relaxed day-to-day volunteering schedule will be arranged with your ICAB correspondent in Bulgaria where there will be plenty of time to explore and have fun.

We also recommend you to extend your trip by exploring Bulgaria further after having volunteered, alternatively there are very cheap train tickets to neighbouring countries which you could explore.

There are multiple centres you can go to volunteer, information on the centres can be found here →

The town of Veliko Tarnavo, the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire

Money and expenses

The trip is relatively cheap, from our experience (volunteering summer 2016) we spent about £60 on return flight tickets, and a further £50-100 to travel by coach and taxi in Bulgaria for the full 2 weeks of volunteering. Food and other expenses are highly affordable too, especially due to the incredible exchange rates.

Regarding accommodation, our ICAB correspondent will arrange this for you, although it shouldn’t cost more than £5-10 a night.