About ICAB

Meet the committee behind ICAB

Who are we?

We are a student-led charity that sends volunteers to orphanages and other centres in Bulgaria to work with disadvantaged children. Our volunteers take resources (all sorts of fun and games) to do what we can to bring a smile to these children. We interact with children and overcome the cultural barrier through the universal language of play! It is a really fulfilling experience and a remarkable insight into a completely different way of life. We promise you’ll love every minute of it.

You can decide when you go, how long you go for, and who you go with. ICAB can provide as much or as little trip planning guidance as you need. This your opportunity to explore a land steeped in culture and breath-taking natural beauty whilst making a real difference.

ICAB is a member of the Balkan 5 charity group. Our sister organisation is Oxford Aid to the Balkans.


The Committee – 18/19

Co-President: Rami Abbass  – rami.abbass15@imperial.ac.uk
Co-President: Mohammed Allaf  –  mohammed.allaf15@imperial.ac.uk
Treasurer: Diego Vargas Ortiz  –  diego.vargas-ortiz16@imperial.ac.uk
Secretary: Aran Sivapalan  –  nirjithan.sivapalan15@imperial.ac.uk
Publicity Officer: Helena Worthington  –  helena.worthington15@imperial.ac.uk
Liaison Officer: Simran Halari –  simran.halari15@imperial.ac.uk
Co-Fundraising Officer: Gurneet Brar – gurneet.brar17@imperial.ac.uk
Co-Fundraising Officer: Eva Tadros – eva.tadros17@imperial.ac.uk
General Committee: Shad Asinger – shad.asinger15@imperial.ac.uk
General Committee: Thaivegan Vimalanathan – thaivegan.vimalanathan15@imperial.ac.uk

To contact us, we prefer you email us directly at icab@imperial.ac.uk