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The ICSM Gazette is a student-led publication made specifically for the medical school community. We cover everything from campus life and career advice to coverage of world events and opinion pieces on the topics which matter most to you. We are simply a platform created to amplify the voices and showcase the talents of our ICSM family, so if you’d like to get involved, make sure to contact us now!

In terms of how the Gazette is run, we regularly publish articles throughout the year on our website, and produce 2 print issues every year. We also produce an unofficial BSc guide on a yearly basis to help our 4th year medics choose their BSc course. Furthermore, we’ve recently added a new section called Gazette TV to share more about ICSM life in video-format, so whether you’re interested in writing, video-making or have a talent you’d like to showcase, get in touch now to become a part of the Gazette community!

Use the form below or email one of our committee members directly to pitch an idea or for more information on how you can get involved.

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If you have ideas for what you want to see the Gazette cover this year, or want to get involved, please fill out the form below and help us build the Gazette into a platform that represents you. 

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If you’d like to get involved with the Gazette, you can contact one of our editors directly, email us at or use the form below. Whether you want to write, share your artwork, or just have ideas you want to share, we’d love to hear them all so make sure to get in touch!

Guidance for writers

Take a look at this short handbook for more guidance on writing for us!

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If you'd like to become a regular writer for the Gazette, or want to write for us but don't know where to start, join our new writers' chat! Here, we'll regularly feed in article ideas from each of our editors so you can choose the stories you'd like to write about. Simply click on the link below and fill in your details on our google form. 

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Whether it's to pitch an idea, leave feedback or share a story, we want to hear from you! Use the form below to get in touch with our Editorial team. Although entering your personal details are optional, we encourage you to do so to allow us to follow-up on your ideas.

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    Amber Dhoot
    Sophia Terry
    Adil Ali
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    Abi Mahendran
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