Halfway Dinner Q&A

Hi guys! So the Class of ’24 has got a very exciting night ahead of them thanks to yourselves. Would you give us a quick summary of what we can expect from the HWD this year? 
Aside from a prosecco reception, three course meal and DJ dance we have a tonne of other stuff lined up. To start with we have ICSM’s very own Jazz band playing at the reception and ICSM band to follow dinner. 

Of course, SMHA Outstanding service awards will be presented at the evening, but we also have our own Year Book Nominated awards (a link to nominate people can be found on the link tree), where you can show some appreciation for the lesser celebrated traits of our cohort. You’ll be greeted by a red carpet welcome, and we’ve even gone all out and got both a photographer and photobooth to capture the memories from the night. Finally, to make it an evening to really celebrate we are encouraging people to submit photos of the Class of 2024’s memories so far – these will be on display during the reception.

Planning an event on this scale can’t be easy. What was the process you guys went through to figure out your “Night at the movies” vision? (E.g. consulting past HWD committees, talking to faculty, surveys, meetings etc.) 
Given the lack of events over the past year and a half we really wanted to provide the class of 24’ with a Black Tie event they could remember. We decided a theme of an Oscar’s style red carpet event would give the event a subtle yet interesting twist that would let us enjoy a traditional Black-Tie event but give us enough room to have some fun with it. Personally, I am hoping someone will turn up as James Bond 007 given the latest Bond release.

Including the option to have Bollywood and Nollywood tables as well as Hollywood ones has proved hugely popular with students. Could you tell us more about that choice and how you’re planning to distinguish those tables? 
Well, we can’t give too much away but every film industry has some stellar releases. For some, ‘A Night at the Movies’ may include some cult and cultural classics! So keep your eyes peeled for how we tie this into the event. There might be a fun keepsake in it for you and your pals… 

(This question was answered by Simi the Ents and decor lead for HWD committee)

After taking a look at the price tag for a ticket, a lot of people have been wondering aloud on their medic group chats: “is it worth it?”. If you could sneak into those chats, how would you guys like to answer that question? 
You’re only 50% Doctor once – worth celebrating every second of it. Once we graduate, there’ll be very few opportunities left to go to Black Tie events, best take every opportunity we have left! Plus, thanks to a generous donation by the St. Mary’s Hospital Association we have been able to provide tickets at a reduced price for students.

Any closing remarks? (What should people be most excited for, what HWD means to you guys, what should people remember to do after reading this)
All of committee have worked hard to arrange a banging event, so make sure you grab your ticket, fill out those menu choices and enjoy your Night at the Movies with us. Only a few days left to do so – the deadline for tickets and forms is 2nd October!

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