May You Never

May your holy sites never be violated or disrespected 

May your prayers at your holy sites never by intruders be obstructed 

May your loved ones never receive the bullet of your oppressor

May your loved ones never lose their limbs & eyes & lives because of the aggressor 

May you never go to sleep to the destructive bombs and their sound

May you never see schools and houses and hospitals crumbling to the ground 

May you never see a child become orphaned

May you never see a parent become childless 

May you never have to cross a checkpoint to earn a living

May you never live in a siege that is terribly unforgiving 

May you never be reduced to a second class citizen

May you never be refused medical treatment because you’re trapped in an open-air prison 

May you never get kicked out of your home, with no where else to go

May you never see your house being demolished by laws you’re below 

May you never see your livelihood destroyed or get stolen 

May you never be unable to provide for your family and feel broken 

May you never see your dreams from reality get dissociated

May you never see your culture get appropriated 

May you never have your citizenship rebuked 

May you never be left on the border of your homeland, your entry refused 

May you never see your child abducted in the middle of the night and thrown in military administrative detention

May you never see torture in prisons or feel that apprehension 

May you never be unjustly locked away for more than half your lifetime

May you or your children never live in a refugee camp because of someone’s else crime 

May you never be unjustly misportrayed when you were defending your right

May you never see your history erased and rewritten by transgressors who treat you with slight


  • Manal Arekat

    When you are a proud palestinian by blood and soul and you are a human just a simple righteous human, your words Hind does say it all. Thank you for your beautiful words

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