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Written by Francesca Scott – Club Captain for IMWFC

Back in early March, all things university life-related came to an abrupt end. By the start of April, there was still hope, with events like Sports Dinner and many others being postponed until September.

However, as weeks turned to months, things began looking increasingly uncertain. Events were being postponed indefinitely or even cancelled altogether. As the president of a smaller club, I was worried about what the next year might mean for numbers – as I’m sure even bigger clubs were.

The union couldn’t give us much information for a long time, or maybe they just forgot to send the email (classic), and the hours spent inside patiently waiting led to worrying thoughts for my club’s future. 

A new committee brought new enthusiasm and plenty of new ideas. Government guidelines began to change, and we realised we needed to change our ideas of what socials and training had to become, in order to give our members the best year possible. 

In terms of sporting activities, each sport has slightly different news regarding their league season. Each club will be posting updates regarding their sports in due course, but playing sports and training is definitely on the cards this year, so do not worry about that.

Reynolds on a Wednesday night was always thought of as the lifeblood, the be all and end all of sports night. But what if we can’t go to Reynolds? With lockdown restrictions in place, we had to start thinking outside the box – in April, we tried virtual sports nights, but poor internet connections and different time zones made it slightly awkward.

A Wednesday evening picnic could become the new go-to because, let’s be honest, you can play zimmee zimmee anywhere. Perhaps Houseparty and Zoom could still make a resurgence, and committees across ICSM are working hard on solutions.

No matter what happens, next year is guaranteed to be an unforgettable one. I can’t give everything away right now, but we have socials and tours planned already, with plan Bs, Cs and even Ds in place. If you are a fresher worrying about next year, don’t! You are in amazing hands with the SU and the clubs and societies; there is no way we are going to let you have any less fun than we did in our first year. Pack your fancy dress and ibuprofen, and get ready for the first of many wonderful years at ICSM. 

We are all thinking hard and trying even harder to make next term no less fun but still safe. If there is one thing I’ve learnt during the pandemic so far, it is that ideas need to be constantly adapted as the situation evolves. We are going to have to be thinking imaginatively for quite a few months to come, but it’s definitely worth it to keep everyone safe and make sure no one feels alone in what could be such an isolating situation (no pun intended). 

Coronavirus has been the steepest learning curve I have experienced as Club Captain and I won’t get complacent or comfortable anytime soon, as I have seen how quickly things can change. Nonetheless, I am hopeful for next term because I know how resilient our girls and ICSM as a whole are. Just know that all our clubs and societies are here to stay and full to the brim with ideas, we can’t wait to see you all! 

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