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Varsity 2020: Netball

Varsity 2020 was a fantastic day for ICSM Netball. After a slightly worrisome detour and travel over a “weak bridge”, we finally made it to Heston, determined to win. The 5s put in a very solid performance, securing their 3rd victory over IC this season, with a comfortable 29-16 win. Next up were the 4s; with the IC team having a sudden unexpected glow-up, it was a tougher fight than first anticipated, with the teams drawing level at the end of the third quarter. However, after a motivational team talk from captain Amy, we pulled away in the final quarter to win by a very respectable 32-21. At this point the club was in good spirits and IC were quaking with fear, they needed a strong performance.

The 3s fought hard to tackle this new-found determination from IC 3s, but unfortunately came out with a 36-15 defeat. Unfortunately for the 2s, the weather was not on their side and produced what was perhaps the toughest match of the day. As the massive hailstorm came down, the girls fought on through their incredibly tight match, just one goal in it from start to end, unfortunately losing 21-22. Although we were all gutted by the result, we were really proud of that effort from everyone on the team! Then it was time for the big match – Helen’s 1 taking on the headline. The first whistle blew, and the team was storming ahead, coming out a huge 9-0 up in the first quarter, a brilliant performance by everyone involved. Throughout the whole match they didn’t allow this quality of play to slip and emerged victorious with a 40-36 win and captain Helen’s first ever Varisty win!

After a pitch invasion from our friends over at ICSM Football, it was back to Reynolds for a very welldeserved celebration in true ICSM Netball style. Pints were drunk, speeches were made and chants of “who wins at varsity” were heard throughout Reynolds.

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