Introduction to the St Mary’s Sale

 A surprise announcement of Imperial’s intention to sell the St Mary’s medical school building has invoked anger from ICSM students and alumni. The student body was informed of the decision on 25th July via an email sent on behalf of Professor Alice Gast (Imperial College President), Professor Ian Walmsley (Imperial College Provost) and Professor Jonathan Weber (Dean, Faculty of Medicine)

As the first medical school to merge with Imperial College London, St Mary’s Medical School laid the foundation for ICSM as we know it today. Many students were shocked by the decision to sell the building which many consider to be central to both our history and our identity as a medical school. This sale will impact undergraduate and postgraduate students with the loss of the library, swimming pool, gym, common room and teaching facilities. 

The College Council decided on July 12th to sell the St Mary’s Medical School Building in a meeting which included the Imperial College Students’ Union President. However, the College Council did not invite the ICSMSU President nor any member of the undergraduate teaching faculty to attend this meeting. 

The announcement prompted many to suggest that the student body has been actively excluded from the conversation regarding a potential sale. Previous ICSMSU President, Daniel Faehndrich, reports that in May, Senior Faculty told him “no decision had been made regarding a possible sale of Mary’s”

According to the College Council, the sale has not yet been made but it will be sold within the next 5 years. 

ICSM Gazette aims to keep students, faculty and alumni up to date about this decision and we hope to provide a platform through which your voices can be heard. If you would like to share information about the sale or overall opinions from stakeholders in the medical school, please contact Simran Mann at simran.mann15@imperial.ac.uk 

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