Class of 1968 Reunion

The Class of “68” (50 years from starting at St Mary’s) held a memorable and enjoyable reunion weekend in May in Oxford – the same weekend as the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup Final. Excitement was in the air as we met up at The Trout for lunch on the Friday in brilliant sunshine, and we just didn’t stop hugging and talking. On Saturday morning we had a guided tour of historic Oxford, interrupted by yet more chatter and constant checking of our mobile phones for the latest on Megan’s wedding dress…

The reunion proper on Saturday evening, saw 40 of our year – approximately two thirds of those still breathing – meet up and share yet more stories and photos from half a century ago. We had flags, we had badges, we had jokes, and we even shared a much appreciated welcome message from the Dean. And those of us still agile went Bird Watching (sic) on Sunday morning before heading home.  

This was our 4th reunion, following the last one10 years ago, and there was a general feeling from those of us more physically and mentally challenged that we shouldn’t leave it quite so long next time! Here’s to “50 years from qualifying” in 2023!

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