ICSM Awards for Teaching Excellence for NHS Teachers and Inaugural Lecture

The evening of Wednesday 16thNovember 2016 marked a special celebration in the ICSM calendar; the Awards for Teaching Excellence for NHS Teachers and Inaugural Lecture. The Drewe Lecture Theatre at Charing Cross Hospital was packed with members of Faulty, NHS staff and students, brought together to acknowledge and celebrate the talent and dedication of the teachers, tutors, mentors and non-clinical staff which ICSM is built on.

“Humanity, humour and passion”

Mr Martin Lupton, Associate Dean and Head of the Undergraduate School of Medicine at Imperial College London.

The evening ran smoothly in three parts, commencing with the presentation of the awards by Dr Joanne Harris and Mr Martin Lupton. Each award winner was introduced by one of their past students, giving the whole ceremony a learner-centred approach, particularly apt given that the nominations were written by students.

Comments such as “knowing the names of all the students before we knew yours”, “coming in on days off”, “teaching you without you even knowing” and “goes out of their way to look after us”, displayed the passion, sacrifice and preparation that goes in to creating a valuable learning experience. One student was a little more perplexed as to how Dr Anjan Chakrabarty’s insistence that the students cleaned up the lecture theatres added to their learning experience.

The Personal Tutor Award for Dr Clare Batten highlighted the qualities that students so often seek in a personal tutor: “immediate warmth”, “easy to talk to”, “regularly checking up” and “coming to Charing Cross”. A special shout out went to Dr Sohag Saleh, who is said to “reply faster than automatic reply”.

The Associate Dean Award, a new award this year, for an individual who has shown a career-long contribution to teaching was awarded to Professor Paul Abel. The Foundation Year 1 doctor introducing him noted his ability to “teach concepts to students at an appropriate level” and build rapport that was “so normal to him but so special to the patient”.

Dr Mark Sykes, a Foundation Year 1 doctor at Northwick Park Hospital, also returned to receive the University of London Betuel Prize for coming runner up in the Gold Medal.

The evening moved swiftly into its second part; an entertaining yet pertinent Inaugural Lecture ‘Patient Zero to PrEP: HIV past, present & future’, delivered this year by Professor Mark Nelson, consultant physician at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and professor of HIV Medicine at Imperial College.

Prof Nelson talked through the unusual patient presentations in the 1980s before the discovery of HIV, through to the challenges still faced today in battling with stigma and in particular addressing the rising co-infection of Hepatitis C with HIV. The key to addressing this Hep C co-infection epidemic is access to healthcare.

Prof Mark Nelson with Mr Lupton and Dr Harris

And there was never a dull moment. Prof Nelson began by introducing the audience to his family and friends, including a friend from medical school (he graduated from Westminster Hospital in 1986) and even his bridge partner. There was intermittent grilling of Mr Lupton, much to everyone else’s delight. But the stars of the show were Prof Nelson’s (very little) daughters, who bravely took to the stage to sing for the audience and ultimately overshadow Prof Nelson himself!

The final part of the evening saw a couple of students share their experiences of the Imperial College Enables (ICE) project, a new collaboration between ICSM and Community Action Nepal. This saw 42 students Year 1 students, accompanied by staff including Prof Nelson, travel to Nepal in Autumn 2016 to educate rural communities about sexual and relationship health, to trek and to carry out research.

Imperial College Enables (ICE) Nepal Project presentation by 2nd years at the Awards evening

The students found that misinformation, inadequate teaching and taboo in talking about sexual health was rife amongst the rural communities they visited. As a result, the students lead sexual education classes for school girls, mothers and school boys to improve education and answer questions that some had held for a lifetime but had been too embarrassed to ask. This was particularly important with regards to addressing misconceptions of HIV.

Mr Lupton wrapped up the evening using the words at the start of this article “humanity, humour and passion” to thank Prof Nelson. However, these words aptly painted the atmosphere of the whole evening in celebrating our teachers and support staff. Mr Lupton highlighted the importance of taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate the staff who work so hard to deliver the excellent teaching we receive at ICSM, and that this effort can never be underestimated.

Congratulations to all the Award winners and Local Teaching Heroes, a full list of which can be found below.

Special mention to Francesca Bertolini, Executive Administrator in the FEO, for co-ordinating the nomination and award process, and organising the evening.

Teaching Excellence Awards

The Faculty of Medicine awards for NHS staff for excellence in clinical teaching were introduced in 2003. Ten prizes, including the Teaching Fellow Excellence Award, are awarded each year to staff at any grade and in any profession to recognise their valued contribution in delivering the undergraduate medicine course. The recipients of the Teaching Excellence Awards in 2015/16 are:

Dr Jacob Addo,Consultant Emergency Medicine, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Mahmood Wahed, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Anjan Chakrabarty, Consultant Paediatrician, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, West Middlesex University Hospital

Dr Nina Salooja, Consultant Haematologist and adjunct reader in medical education, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Ihab Ramzy, Specialty Doctor in Cardiology, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Evangelos Vasileiadis, Consultant/ Lead COTE, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Tim Bullock, Consultant – Psychiatry, West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Dr Beena Gohil, General Practitioner, General Practice – Oldfield Family Practice

Dr James Warner, Consultant Psychiatrist, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Teaching Award winners with Mr Martin Lupton and Dr Jo Harris, as well as some of the students who spoke about the winners.

Teaching Fellow Excellence Award

The Teaching Fellow Excellence Award has been introduced in 2016 to celebrate the achievements and calibre of the Teaching Fellows at our NHS Trusts. The new category ensures that one teaching award will always go to a Teaching Fellow.

Dr Catriona Hall, Clinical Teaching Fellow, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Distinguished Teaching Award

The prestigious Distinguished Teaching Award, open only to those who have already received a Teaching Excellence Award, has been created to recognise truly excellent teachers who continue to consistently deliver outstanding teaching over and beyond expectation.

Mr Abdul-Majeed Salmasi, Consultant Cardiologist, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

Associate Dean Award 2016

The Associate Dean’s award has been introduced in 2016 to celebrate individuals who have supported education over their long career. This award is given at the special request of the Associate Dean/Head of Undergraduate Medicine.

Professor Paul Abel,Professor of Urology, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Supporting the Student Experience Award

The Supporting the Student Experience Award was given to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in their primarily non-teaching role, providing outstanding support to Imperial students.

Ms Annette Stanley, Medical Student Co-ordinator, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Local Teaching Heroes

This is a scheme for non-consultant level staff that runs alongside the Teaching Awards for NHS Teachers to acknowledge the excellent teaching and commitment shown by our colleagues at our associated Trusts, which has been recognised locally. The nominee must have demonstrated a continuous, high quality, commitment to teaching Imperial undergraduate students. This award is available to all healthcare professionals, including junior doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists etc

Congratulations to the 2015/16 recipients!

Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Siobhan Carver, Dr Dominique Barretto, Dr Boris Tocco, Dr Jack Hammond, Dr Rachel Kirby, Dr Felicity Poulter, Dr Christian Asher, Dr Salwa Malik, Dr Jonathan Ainsworth, Dr Ruby Chu, Dr Surabhi Varma

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL)

Dr Ruby Osorio, Dr Helen Sinclair, Dr Alexis Theodorou, Dr Ayodeji Morah, Ms Pauline Ujeyah, Dr Lynsey McAlpine, Dr Laetitia Clarke

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Kerry Burnett, Dr Arvind Singhal, Dr Megan Griffiths, Dr Rosalind Kings, Dr Sophie Ladbrooke, Dr Adam Mitchell, Dr Fiqry Fadhlillah, Dr Brent Bartholomew, Dr Imran Lasker, Dr Esther Tillson, Dr Majd El-Harasis, Dr Hannah Mills, Dr Rebecca Mitchell, Dr Laura Hopkins, Dr Gareth Lock, Dr Mohamed Shamshudin, Dr Julie Witter, Dr Ankur Khajuria, Dr David Jones, Dr Sarah Young, Dr Andrew Alabi, Dr Heather Reid, Mr Chang Park, Miss Dannielle Browning, Miss Beryl De Souza

Endocrinology & Diabetes team (Dr Daniel Morganstein, Dr Craig Leaper, Dr Emma Kenney-Herbert, Dr Priyesh Karia, Dr Kirsty Bromage, Dr Joe Froggatt & Dr Theo Bartholomew)

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Mr Andrew Busuttil, Mr Crispin Wiles, Dr Hanine Fourie, Dr Sarah Hogan, Mr Michael George, Dr Sammy Trinh, Dr Mohammad Mahmud, Mr Matthew Jaggard, Mr Khalid Al-Dadah, Dr Sarah Morton, Dr Harriet O’nions, Mrs Joanne Jones

Y3 & Y6 Breast Surgery Team (Mrs Katy Hogben, Dr Steph Rimmer, Dr Claudia Pisarek, Dr Georgina Keogh, Dr Michael Charalambous Dr Dan Cocker & Dr Nikoletta Petrou)

Y3 Endocinology Team (Dr Emma Hatfield, Dr Rhea Chatterjea, Dr Robert Jack, Dr Dinesh Aggarwal, Dr Thomas Charlton, Dr Rozana Ramli, Dr Monika Reddy & Dr Sufyan Hussain)

London North West Health Care NHS Trust

Dr Silvia Lovato, Dr Sivasujan Sivasubrananiyam, Dr Tiffany Su-Jin Ng, Dr Louis Peters, Dr Arun Rajendran, Dr Tumaj Hushemzchi, Dr Sarah Howlett, Dr Katherine Chatfield, Dr Fatima Nawrozzadeh, Dr Sayed Iftekhar Al-Aldarous, Dr Catherine O’Hare, Dr Benjamin Paul Goodman, Dr Fiona Bellamy, Dr Alison Lievesley, Dr Rachel Milne, Dr Samar Ahmed, Dr Shree Voralia, Miss Hannah Knowles, Mr Chukwuemeka Anele, Dr Yousaf Bhatti, Dr Jen Mae Low, Dr Bharati Bhatkal, Dr Ume Uchenna, Dr Eve Boakes, Dr Nikita Shah, Dr Kristijonas Millinis, Dr Clare Thakker, Dr Dean Malik

General Practice and Primary Care

Dr Julita Salijevska, Dr Ravi Parekh, Dr Ruth Henniker-Major

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Felicity De Vere, Dr Suraj Dabhi, Dr Sara Mills, Dr Cathy Pye, Dr Katherine Gardner, Dr Viral Thakerar, Dr Ben Blackman, Mr Etienne Cassar Delia, Mr Jonathon Aboshiha, Dr Shreena Shah, Dr Ted Reakes, Dr Lawrence Ame, Dr Daren Hanumathadu, Dr Basel Chimali, Dr Rachel Aldersley, Dr Catherine Longley, Dr Naomi Garnder, Dr Claire Edmondson, Dr Chris Kyriacou, Dr Natasha Piddock

West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Inspector Michael Partridge, Dr Fiorenza Shepherd, Dr Jose Maret, Mr Steve Buglass

With thanks for Francesca Bertolini for her help in providing this information

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