Circle Line 2016: Over 1000 Medical and Biomedical Sciences Students Will Take to the Streets of London to Give Back to the Community!

This Friday 5thFebruary 2016, the Imperial College School of Medicine’s (ICSM) students will take to the streets of London for their annual Circle Line organised by the ICSM RAG Committee (Raising and Giving). The day will involve students from all six year groups participating in voluntary activities such as: street collects, volunteering with the elderly, musical performances in hospitals and train stations, helping with Amnesty International campaigns and volunteering in shelters. The students will then all celebrate their charitable achievements in the evening with everyone who signs up to a charity act getting free entry at a local club.

Traditionally, this day can make up to tens of thousands of pounds for charity from collections, ticket sales and T-shirt sales. This year the charity the union are supporting is the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney, near to the Charing Cross Hospital Imperial College campus.

The event has moved away from what it was traditionally built as back in 1999. The union maintain the tradition of using the circle line, but use the stations on the circle line as different points for volunteering opportunities- to which there is an abundance! Circle line 2016 is expected to be a day where everyone in the School of Medicine that wants to take part will be able to make a real impact in the local community, and celebrate a massive amount of hard work! The RAG Chair, Sammy Sundar, said “ICSM RAG Circle Line is an annual event that has been at the heart of the medical school for over a decade. It feeds the life and soul of our ICSM RAG and allows us to continue to raise tremendous amounts of money, for a truly worthy cause and contribute to what makes the medical school so special”.

The day comes at the end of RAG week, with events running through the week such as a sponsored Head Shave and a charity auction! The President of the ICSM Student Union, Maredudd Harris, said in his email to all students “I hope you will all rise to the challenge and embrace the change. This day is already looking to be highly enjoyable and I invite you all to join in. I hope everyone has a fantastic time throughout RAG week and to see you all at the events.”

About Imperial College School of Medicine RAG (Raising and Giving)

RAG events run throughout the year to raise money and give community opportunities to the Imperial College School of Medicine students. For more information on the Circle Line event or on other RAG events please contact one of the members of our ICSM Student Union below.

Written by ICSM SU Entertainments Chair 2015/16 (Mala Mawkin)

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