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During the year the society will select the best data scientist from Imperial College London to join our ICDSS Advanced Team. Students with a strong technical background will be given the opportunities to compete in Hackathon competitions and take part in major projects along with our sponsors.





How to join ICDSS Advanced Team

The Selection process

The selection process for the Advanced Talent Development Team has begun! This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills in exploratory data analysis, visualisation and predictive modelling. We have prepared four tasks related to the workshops we organised this term. If you attended all of them and tested your skills in the recommended coding exercises, you should be well prepared for the Advanced Team recruitment. However, everybody is welcome to apply. The submission deadline is on December 31st.


The challenge datasets with detailed descriptions can be found in the GitHub repository:





Please send us your assignment via email

17/18 Advanced team

Advanced Team Members

Congratulations to everyone who made it to 2018 ICDSS Advanced Team

Benjamin Barros

Robert Lange

Louie Terrill

Guada Gonzalez

Naman Wahi

Frank Qu

Thomas Rarris

Sabrina Wang

Tom Titcombe

Christelle Ren

Dewi Gould

David Jia

Chenyu Lin

Franck Lin

Aimilios Chatzistamou

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