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We are the biggest data science society in UK with over 1500 subscriptions.

The data science revolution has begun. With a student reach across all major departments, the new Imperial College Data Science Society (ICDSS) promotes Data Science awareness amongst the student body. ICDSS aims to harness the skills and creativity of Imperial’s most talented students to become the UK’s leading assemblage of data scientists and entrepreneurs.


ICDSS’s goal is to equip students from all disciplines with key data science skills and bridge the gaps between industry and academia. We aim to push our members to reach their full potential by acting as their go-to resource for the latest technologies, industry trends, and networking opportunities in the data science space.

Bridging the Gaps

what we offer


Industry Talks

Regular talks by Data Scientists from industry provide our members with insights into the real-world applications of Data Science.



We have sent two teams of talented students to take part in the Angel Hack and Hack Justice competitions


Data Science Training

Highly successful workshop series covering topics of analysis, visualisation, machine learning and R and Python programming is one of our most popular events.


Careers Fairs

We are planning careers fair in with the topics ranging from data science to business analytics, ma- chine learning and artificial intelligence.




We are trying to engage students from all backgrounds in Data Science and have therefore hosted technical and non-technical Data Science projects alike.


We aim to expand our workshop series by inviting our sponsors and relevant companies to teach essential Data Science skills.

Big Data is the New Big Thing


Some Facts


1.5k Subscriptions, 1.1k+ Facebook likes



Participation of 300+ students in R & Python Workshops



Established contact and liaising with different companies



Welcome to the Data Science Revolution!

The Imperial College Data Science Society is an opportunity for students to engage with and learn about Data Science. Further to creating awareness regarding the scope and potential of Data Science, ICDSS is working towards harnessing the intelligence and creativity of Imperial’s talented students to become the UK’s leading assemblage of Data Scientists and entrepreneurs. The extraction of knowledge from large sources of information provides powerful insights into the workings of the world, and ICDSS would like to be at the forefront of the Data revolution, to change the world as we know it.

We are one of the fastest growing data science society in UK

Since October 2015 we have achieved over 1500 subscriptions from all major departments at Imperial College London.


Our soceity include and target all academic levels from undergraduates to Masters and PhD postgraduate students.

Our members



Message from the President

Thank you!

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Thank you for your interest in the Imperial College Data Science Society. Building upon our momentum since the society’s inception, 2017/2018 is set to be an exciting and groundbreaking year for us. The committee would love to hear your feedback and how you would like work with us going forward. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our committee members with any questions you may have.


ICDSS President

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